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    Sherlock, you are so sexy when you intimidate a cop.

    John’s all

    Once again I find myself fascinated by John’s hands. Ever since it was pointed out to me (AQ, I think?) I can’t keep from watching for that hand-clench, and it’s started showing up in my fic. I just… man. Martin, how do you act.

    i know i just - i mean, i enjoy a jam and kitten and hedgehog and jumper joke as much as anyone, but i’m so struck by how john often seethes with barely suppressed energy. he is not the stable, mild half of this partnership. he is (imo) the half who is doing a better job of masking and controlling his unacceptable impulses. possibly because the penalty sherlock pays for allowing himself free-rein is social isolation; i suspect that if john allowed himself free-rein he’d have a gbh record longer than sherlock’s legs (i mean, when was the last time you saw a depiction of the ‘nice guy’ striking someone and drawing blood purely because he was angry? john doesn’t hit the superintendant in defense, or for any kind of material gain, it’s clearly just an angry lashing out. and i could write an essay (no, i won’t) on how i believe that john reaches his fill-line while sally’s talking, but he’s incapable of striking a woman and so the first man who pushes his buttons gets hit instead.)

    #john watson #you don’t strap a bomb to john watson - john watson IS the bomb

    That is the BEST TAG EVER. And also?

    Somewhere, abundantlyqueer is reading this and shouting “YES”

    Hello inspiration.  The little character study in the middle there is what I’m referencing in particular.

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      I have only recently come to understand how incredibly FANTASTIC Martin is. Watson is such a complex character and he...
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