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    there is a clear distinction between gof sirius and ootp sirius so let’s talk about it because it’s all i’ve thought about for days.

    in gof, sirius lives in a fucking cave eating rats in order to be near harry during the triwizard tournament. this is a decision that puts…

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    yesterday i heard somewhere that shakespeare invented the word swag so i googled ”shakespeare swag” and


    if you make this post popular i will find you and make you sit on a cactus i swear to god

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    a lesbian couple, three gays, a gender queer individual, and a furry walk into a tv

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Guardians of the galaxy was so good.


    Guardians of the galaxy was so good.

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  6. Oh my...
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woman mothers.




    woman mothers.

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    This photo was from several months ago. :-(

    Source: http://gizmodo.com/how-bad-is-californias-drought-this-bad-1531567081/all

    I don’t say this lightly,

    but oh fuck

    I live in LA so I just thought I’d add a little more information about this for those of you who don’ know a lot about the drought. 

    here’s the latest updated map I could find

    All of California is now in a moderate drought and above. As of August, over half of California is turning into the dark red zone, which is an exceptional drought, which is, of course, very bad. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that we are fined to up to $500 if we are seen wasting water (sprinklers watering the pavement instead of plants, etc), and some cities are enforcing water rationing laws.

    Our agriculture and economy is even being affected. Many farmers are losing their jobs because their plants are dying and not being watered enough. Some farmers are tearing down many of their crops so that the water that would have been used for those can be used for other crops. I should remind you that California provides over half of the country’s food, so this will not only affect the people who live in California, but everyone in the U.S. as well.

    There’s also a chance that if the drought continues for the next year, then there’s a chance that we might have to migrate out of California.

    So, for those of you living in California, please conserve your water! Every drop counts! Even doing little things like throwing the ice cube you dropped into a plant to water it instead of throwing it into the sink will help! For more ways to save water, check here

    sources: x x x x 

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    So there’s this hashtag trending called #makeuptransformation, which is basically just people making fun of how dramatic face contouring is(seen in the first picture). I AM SCREAMING

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    i’ve seen a lot of people reblogging news from ferguson, wondering if the situation has changed at all. the answer is YES—massively! so i thought i would compile some updates, courtesy of alderman antonio french (who, less than 24 hours ago, was being [wrongfully] held in jail for alleged unlawful assembly). the time right now is 4:20AM CST, august 15th.

    yesterday afternoon—thursday, august 14th—ferguson & stl police were taken out of control of ferguson and replaced with MO highway patrol, led by captain ron johnson, who grew up in the area. his first order of business was to order police to remove their masks and cease violent tactics.

    orange cones replaced tanks, the police line vanished, not a drop of tear gas was in sight and families felt safe enough to have their young people out protesting with them. without the fear tactics and police intimidation, people came out in droves to support ferguson.

    the discussion of mike brown cannot end here. the relief is palpable and the decrease of tension under johnson’s excellent leadership is a huge mercy, but justice has not been served yet. now, hopefully, citizens will get to work together with the legal system for swift and transparent justice for mike brown & the countless other black men & women across the nation who have been unlawfully treated, and in many cases died, at the hands of police. let all of us use the alleviated atmosphere to focus the conversation, focus the nation. #mikebrown 

    Yay for good news!

    Thank fuck. 

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I see you, Fox News.


    I see you, Fox News.

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    (forgive me the pictured are mirrored)

    Second try Beast Boy make-up cosplay test! Worked a little more on the high lights this time, and a different technique on the eye brows as well. In my opinion, this beast boy look a little older than the last time i tried…!

    My new home-made ears are done too! I’m pretty satisfied with them, actually~ Hope you like them!!

    I really like this new test! 


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  13. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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    America is some fucked up dystopian shit honestly like how are y’all even surviving? Paying for healthcare? $60,000 on tuition? POC getting shot in Wal-Marts? White men shooting up elementary schools? That’s terrifying I’m worried about all of you

    America doesn’t seem that terribly horrible when you live here day to day and you’ve known nothing else but when somebody says something like this it fucks you up really good.

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    Please don’t.

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